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    Current viewing pleasure

    Just started a show called Upload, seems quite good so far.
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    Custom NAS OS

    Never built a custom machine, something I would like to do one day
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    That's looks quite nice, could do with an upgrade
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    How to SSH to your QNAP NAS

    Didn't know you could do that, would come in handy in some situations.
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    Build your own NAS

    Not something I have actually done but have looked in to it, decided it was easier to buy a pre-built system.
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    Question What is your NAS used for?

    Mainly backups of PC's, laptops & phones. Used to have a couple of VM's on it but they run on there own box now.
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    Premier league returning

    It's time to start get the country moving again, I know not everyone likes football but this will be a good start.